Forgotten But Improving

Graduation Ceremony

June 11th at about 11am, that was when commencement really began and we walked across the stage and were handed our diploma covers. Nerve-wracking and super exciting at the same time, causing a mixture of nauseousness and the urge to… Continue Reading →

My Grade

At this point I feel like I failed the class, I missed the last day, I didn’t blog as much and I wasn’t engaged as I would have like to be. Based on the syllabus I completed about 72% of… Continue Reading →


Sitting at work looking over the spreadsheets I’m working on the blogs and posting jumped into my head. Probably out of panic as I haven’t done any of them all term. I figured it wouldn’t help but it couldn’t hurt… Continue Reading →

Mom Visits

Today my mom drove for 9 hours to come stay with me for one night. She is visiting my grandfather who lives in Florida and will be flying out of Medford at 5am. I get to drive her to the… Continue Reading →

Credo, Motto, Tagline

Jim Teece: My Credo, Whatever you do, Do with Integrity, Wherever you go, Go as a Leader, Whomever you serve, Serve with Caring, Whenever you dream, Dream with your All and Never, ever Give up. Not giving up, an important idea… Continue Reading →

Team Projects – Being Effective

As all of my fellow classmates, I have had many ‘team’ projects at my time here at SOU. In my experience they have not all had the team effort that the class wanted. Some students disappeared at the last moment, some… Continue Reading →

SEO and GoogleAdWords Ad

This homework was difficult for me as I had missed the previous class so I didn’t have an idea of what to do. I knew what SEO meant and what it was used for in a business setting so that… Continue Reading →

My Future with Southern Oregon

I moved to Southern Oregon in April of 2012 from San Diego, CA. It was a big change and a big chance to start a new life and not have to struggle to pay rent or bills. The guy I… Continue Reading →

Lo and Behond – AIFF

Thank you again for the tickets to the AIFF, I had never been before and it was a great experience. The move itself was incredibly interesting and I hadn’t given much thought to the startup and the expansion of the… Continue Reading →

Open, Authentic & Transparent

Being authentic shouldn’t seem like something that would be hard to do, however when being in the workforce it seems like you take on a different persona. You have this professional shell that changes your demeanor and how you act… Continue Reading →

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